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My child has problem socialising

My child has problem socialising, what to do?  Every child is different from the other. They all have different temperament but sometimes a child can be experiencing difficulty socialising with other people and that is a big problem for parents. Some children are…

My kid gets bullied in School

My kid gets bullied in school No parent likes to have their kids being bullied in school. But the fact is nearly 50% of the kids are bullied in school, so there are chances that your kid may face bullying at some point in his school life. Here in this blog post, we…



Foreword and Testimonies

This is an innovative way of using pictorial and visual imageries to engage and encourage young (and the not so young) people to adopt a more positive approach in interacting with one's inner self and social world. Many of the depicted dialogues and conversations are psychologically sound and philosophically stimulating. They can certainly help to develop one's social-emotional learning and psychological resilience in the journey of life.
Fred Long
Assoc. Prof of Psychology in NTU
Joyce has created an interesting and captivating picture book for young children and teenagers. The delightful illustrations speak to the reader in an intimate but fun way such that important messages are conveyed effectively!
Tan Koh Kah
Senior Psychologist in IMH