My kid gets bullied in school

No parent likes to have their kids being bullied in school. But the fact is nearly 50% of the kids are bullied in school, so there are chances that your kid may face bullying at some point in his school life. Here in this blog post, we will share the signs of the kid who gets bullied and the tips to help your child get out of bullying.

Signs of the child who gets bullied

No doubt, it is difficult to figure out if your child is experiencing bullying unless he tells you himself or has visible injuries or bruises. But there are a few signs of the child who gets bullied and parents must notice them. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Kid’s unwillingness to go to school
  • Frequent stomaches and headaches
  • Reluctance to go outside with friends, which may indicate bullying by one of his friends.
  • Inadequate sleep or trouble sleeping at night
  • Intense emotional reactions or crying spells towards a discussion about school
  • Your kid doesn’t want to talk with family 
  • Withdrawal or obsession of electronic devices
  • Torn school clothing
  • Stolen or ruined belongings
  • An abrupt change in kid’s behavior
  • Declining grades
  • Reluctance to participate in sports and other activities
  • Loss of appetite

Prevalence of bullying in school

Many researches have been carried out to investigate the prevalence of bullying in school. Some of the national statistics are listed below.

  • 28% of the students in grade 6 to 12 experienced bullying.
  • 20% of the students in grade 9 to 12 encountered bullying.
  • Nearly 30% of the kids admitted bullying others.
  • 15% of the students in grade 9 to 12 were bullied online.
  • 49% of kids in grade 4 to 12 disclosed being bullied at least once in a month  by other students.
  • 44.2% of the students experienced “name calling” bullying whereas 29.2% of students experienced “hitting, kicking, or slapping” type of bullying.

How to help the child get out of bullying?

Bullying can negatively affect the self-esteem and confidence of children. If your kid is being bullied, then he needs a lot of guidance, support, and love, both at school and at home. Here are a few steps that can help your child get out of bullying. 

  1. Give full attention to your child while listening to him.
  2. Stay calm while discussing your kid’s problem.
  3. Let your kid understand that being upset is normal when you get bullied.
  4. Let your child realize that it’s not his mistake.  
  5. Praise your kid for sharing his problem.
  6. Take your kid’s side.
  7. Ensure your child that you will help him.
  8. Avoid negative remarks.
  9. Talk to your kid’s teacher to sort out the problem.
  10. Let your child know that you are working on his problem.

You would need to reassure your child it’s not their fault. “Don’t tell them to ignore it” which is highlighted by Lyndall Horton James, Bullying Prevention Educational Consultant and author of ‘Raising Bullywise Kids’ .

Garnering the support from school

Before you approach the school, list out the outline of the bullying incidents: What happened, who was involved, when it occured, who witnessed it, anything your child did that may have triggered the event, was it a one-time event or a series of events. 

  • Make an appointment with the teacher
  • Be patient to allow the school to take a period of time to deal with the problem. 

What to do if there is no form of improvement

  • Keep a bullying dairy: write down every incident 
  • Tell the school each time: take photographs if there are wounds
  • The school have a variety of options to deal with bullying which are: Warning, seeing the bully’s parents and detention to internal exclusion within the school, fixed term exclusion and permanent exclusion.